Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today, I have spent time on the computer, answering inquiries about the CSA; I think we need to update our website to include some FAQ's...
  Aloar is working on the addition of an extra 12 X 20 feet to our greenhouse, and preparing beds for planting (I will go up in the next couple days and seed some cold hardy greens).  The girls and I have been working in the house, seeding trays of warm weather crops, such as onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, herbs and more.  They will grow more quickly staying in the house for a time, before we move them to the greenhouse for continued growth.
  The doe, 'Lexie' that I blogged about yesterday is still doing well, it would seem.  We sold one of our extra little doelings yesterday, to a home where she will eventually grow to be used as a dairy animal.  Each sale of 'extra' babies leads to a little more extra milk for us... soon I will start making yogurt and cheese again!
  In a mostly self sustained eating style, you learn much about eating in season.... the hens are picking up again now too; after rationing  eggs all winter long, they are finally starting to pile up again.  :-)
  With lots of eggs and milk, I will be able to make a favorite of my whole family, quiche!  I will try to blog the recipe in the next couple days, so maybe you can make quiche too.
  I am working on getting another batch of eggs into the incubator to hatch, also working on getting the Buckeye chickens that I hatched last year (out of eggs I had shipped here from North Carolina) separated out from the rest of the flock so I can start hatching their eggs, too.  They are a dual purpose heritage breed, originally bred in Ohio by an american woman. (the olny heritage breed to be developed by a woman in the USA) they were one of the leading meat breeds before the cornish crosses came along, and also produce very reasonable amounts of big brown eggs.  They are large beautiful chickens, the roos are an almost mahogany color.  I am excited to grow our little flock more.
  Our family has Awanas and ladies Bible study tonight... We are studying the chapter of Ephesians; I think it will be good.  I love our church, and our church family.... It is the most loving church I have ever attended.  It's called Lake Spokane Community Church.
  Well, on a beautiful spring day like today, I have more to do than I have time to do it in, so I suppose I ought to get to it! 
  Have a blessed day!

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